Headquartered in Washington, DC with satellite offices in Massachusetts, Florida and San Juan, Puerto Rico, Benefit Advisors Group represents public sector clients throughout the United States. Benefit Advisors Group created and developed the CEA Benefits Program for the County Executives of America Association. The CEA Benefits Program offers CEA Member Employers solutions to reduce benefits costs, assist employees to understand their employer benefits and make better decisions for themselves and their families.
Our employee benefits strategists have provided public employer benefit plan solutions over 40 years. Benefit Advisors Group brings best in breed approaches by partnering with nationally known providers that are on the pulse of modern technology and cost reduction solutions. This approach will inform you of all the areas where improvements can be made in your employee benefits programs and how to execute. You choose the timeline that makes the most sense to achieve substantial cost reductions in your employee benefits program.
The principals of Benefit Advisors Group have helped hundreds of public and private sector organizations and their employees since 1976. Our approach is very simple. We present solutions based on significant analysis of your present data, not based on assumptions. As a result of our proven track record in working within the public sector alongside our highest degree of integrity and professional ethics, we have been endorsed by the County Executives Association of America to provide this consultative approach to all members. Headquartered in Washington DC, we service public sector organizations throughout the United States and Puerto Rico