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Michael Griffin
Michael Griffin
CEA Executive Director

“The CEA Benefits Programs was designed exclusively for Counties, Consolidated City/Counties and Members. The objective in creating this Program is to take advantage of our Association and attract state-of-the-art services to reduce health care spend and offer our employees insurance benefit plans at affordable rates. We have accomplished our objectives. Review the CEA Benefits Program and start saving money now. Thank you.”


What is the Prescription Assistance Program (PAP)?

  • Has a direct relationship with specialty drug manufacturers with no middleman to produce the same medication at much reduced cost
  • Obtains special pricing on hundreds of high-cost drugs
  • High-Cost, specialty drugs make up 44%-55% of your plan’s prescription drug expense although only 1%-2% of employees use specialty drugs
  • PAP will save your plan 35%-%50 on your high-cost, specialty drugs each year
  • Uses technology that is constantly tracking and reporting to help reduce costs
  • Employees get the same medication they've always had, just at a lower price and no copay

Let's look at some numbers

COUNTY Current Spend Savings for CEA Members
A $1,306,820 $730,140
B $3,987,926 $2,261,897
C $8,953,124 $5,690,018
D $9,999,776 $6,387,342
E $1,549,236 $883,063

How can we get started?

It’s easy! All you have to do is send us your most recent 6 months to a year of your drug utilization report and we’ll do the rest.

We will analyze your data and show you how much you will save on your health care plan's prescription drugs.

Our team deals directly with the manufacturer to procure the medication at a much lower cost.

Employees get the same medication that they’ve always had, just at a lower price and with no co-pays.

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